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Are you into singing or playing instruments? Are you singing solo or with a band? Or are you simply a music lover? Then you certainly know that speakers are one of the most vital parts in a sound system. Considered as electromechanical transducers, this is where sound comes out wherein the quality is dependent on the power of the speaker. At the same time, the accuracy of the speaker is also necessary in determining the ultimate output quality of the speaker. Performance is also based on the speaker’s ability to produce signals with no distortions occurring. With the different brands of speakers today, Behringer speakers continues to be a top pick of both amateur and professionals as their quality and worth has been tested and proven around the world.

Behringer actually started in 1989 at Germany and since they were established, they have provided consistently millions of their customers with a wide range of pro audio gear for all musicians, singers, sound engineers, and music lovers. They continue to be well-known and highly respected within the professional audio equipment industry as they have consistently produced well-engineered equipment particularly their speakers. This is because of their team of award-winning craftsmen and with the innovative technology they use to make these amazing speakers. And with this, you will get clean audio watts you’ll never experience from other brands of speakers. At present, Behringer has 4 categories: multimedia speakers, professional passive speakers, professional powered speakers and studio monitors. A brief description is given below together with a sample of a speaker in each category.

Behringers' Multimedia Speakers

These speakers are the top pick of individuals who are in search of high quality, fast yet cost-effective way to upgrade the present sound system their PC has. Plus, it’s also an excellent alternative for built-in speakers in keyboards. With these speakers, you get the chance to make your personal computer into a personal karaoke thanks to the sound quality it is capable of producing.

Behringer MS40 Digital Monitor Speakers 24-Bit / 192 kHz Digital 40-Watt Stereo Near Field Monitors is part of the multimedia speakers category that possesses a 2-way active studio perfect for computer studios, audio and multimedia workstations and keyboard monitoring. It comes with a built-in powerful 2 x 20-watt amplifier with powerful woofers and high-resolution tweeters, plus ultra-high resolution 24-bit/192 kHz D/A converters too.

Behringers' Passive Loudspeakers

This is the right speaker you should invest in if you want to share your music to everyone as it possesses both clarity and power at an affordable priced. Behringer VP2520 Professional 2000-Watt PA Speaker with Dual 15" Woofers and 1.75" Titanium-Diaphragm Compression Driver is an example of a speaker in this category that has a professional 2000-Watt 2-Way PA speaker system. It has the ability to produce excellent sound quality plus possesses a wide frequency bandwidth and a dynamic range. It also has two strong 15'' long-excursion drivers that results to excellent deep bass and acoustic power.

Behringers' Professional Powered Speakers

These Behringer speakers are known for producing quality sound even in low volume or even in stadiums where high volume is necessary. An example of a speaker in this category is the Behringer B212D 550-Watt 2-Way PA Speaker System with 12" Woofer and 1.35" Compression Driver possessing a high-power 550-watt 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system with live and playback features. Though it’s ultra-compact and lightweight, it remains to produce excellent sound even in extreme sound pressure levels. It’s also able to produce great power and sonic performance because of its revolutionary class-D amplifier technology.

Behringers’ Studio Monitors

Speakers under this category are the best picks for recordings because of its ability to produce honest and high-quality sound best for studio use. These speakers were made for stereo and your video surround system necessary in recording studios. Example is the Behringer B2031A High-Resolution, Active 2-Way Reference Studio Monitor that has ultra-linear frequency response from 50 Hz to 21 kHz plus individual frequency diagrams. It also possesses a built-in 265-Watt Bi-amp module with an excellent power reserve.

So now you know the different speakers from Behringer, determine first your needs then begin choosing from these categories. You’ll surely not regret investing in Behringer speakers because these are truly among the best yet affordable speakers in the market today.



If you think that you may want to purchase speakers from Behringer you can always visit them online at where they have many different models to fit your needs.

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Behringer Speakers

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Behringer Speakers

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