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A business speaker is one of most important factors making the success of a meeting or a seminar business. Therefore, choosing speakers is in focus, based on criteria of speaking style, topic knowledge, availability and the occasion's purpose. There are also many sources for this task such as websites, personal recommendations and bureaus. The most reliable source is bureaus because of their consistent working with all types of business speakers and experience of finding the matching speakers to specific presentation requirements.


Websites are a great source for researching specific or local speakers. Many have testimonials and video samples of their work that can assist in critiquing their abilities. Personal and referral websites can be confusing and sometimes unreliable. If you have not worked with the speaker before, their actual reputation is unknown. You can only go off of what others say and these opinions can be very biased. Personal recommendations are great if the source is reliable and used the speaker for the same general purpose and type of topic. Remember that even a good recommendation needs a little bit of investigation. Speakers that worked well for someone you know may not be as fitting for your particular situation.


A bureau is the most beneficial source for finding a business speaker. The cost for their services is normally billed from speaking fees and not to the company requiring their assistance. To obtain the most benefits and convenience from using a speaker bureau, you must be able to offer detailed information on what you want to accomplish with the speaker. This includes information such as the event date and time details, the message, audience demographics, and the desired audience mood and reaction. Other information such as your budget and total presentation time can be very helpful as well. This information will be used to compile a motivational speakers list that contains speakers that are most suited for the audience and purpose of the gathering.

A motivational speakers list is just the beginning of a bureaus thorough selection process. This list will contain the most relevant speakers that meet your budget requirements. It is based upon the information provided during initial talks and interview with the speaker bureau. Improper details can result in a list of inappropriate speakers. Mistakes can be caught during initial talks and organizing to obtain a proper list; however, if they are not noticed the presentation can prove to be very disappointing and ineffective. The bureau may go over the information you have given them many times before compiling this list. They will not want to waste time or risk their reputation by adding speakers to the list that will not work. The speaker list will be the foundation of your decision and is used to research possible speakers. Speakers that survive list reductions are then interviewed for a final decision.

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Bureaus are a convenient way to sift through the multitude of business speakers available. A qualified business speaker can be found by being very informative on event requirements.

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Source for Top speaker choices

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This article was published on 2010/08/09